Thursday, October 26, 2006

Face optical illusion

Ok I find one very interesting,cool optical illusion and similar to the dragon one but this is a definitely better, I agree dragon illusion is really a wonderfull but this is also one cool illusion!When you move around, the face seems to follow you around the room if you stare in it's eyes. Have a look at the video, to see what I mean. The effect is frightening! However the face gives us the wrong clues, because we mis-interpret what its shape is. We assume that the nose of the face is pointing out towards us, but in fact the face is concave.

Yes I remember the dragon illusion, but I also look this illusion and I circuitry can tell you this is awesome optical illusion, just similar like dragon one!

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Ben said...

This is what they use to make the two faces (right before you get on the actual ride part) follow you on the 'Haunted Maansion' Ride in Disneyland.

Anonymous said...
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