Saturday, October 07, 2006

Magic Cat

Interesting illusions what mirror can do!

This trick uses a technique first used by the ninjas of Japan, over a thousand years ago. The idea behind the trick is simply a matter of bending light around the cat. To achieve this you will need two concave mirrors, a convex mirror, and a normal mirror. The diagram below shows exactly what kind of mirrors you need, and how to position them

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Anonymous said...

That explanation is BS! My video camer can do that with ease. If what you say us true, the mirrors would block the view of the wood and the walls because they would be in between the viewer and the wall!

Anonymous said...

yah, sorry i call BS on this one too. if the camera was moving while the cat disappeared i might have gone for it, but it was dead still. and quite suddenly too.. not a natural transition from the camera moving to the still shot..