Monday, October 23, 2006

Wonderful Photos of the Year 2006

Collection of Magnificent pictures and winners in various categories on the competition for best photo for the Year 2006 and also winner in 2005.

1st Place in categories of Powerful Portraits 2006

Title: Poverty

Looking at it makes me feel genuinely sad

1st Place 2005

1st Place in categories of Dramatic Landscapes 2006

Title: Mangrove tree

About Photo:An old mangrove tree. Location: Mindanao, Philippines

There’s something about this shot that inspires inner peace and calm, This beautiful picture of an old mangrove tree, taken last year at Mindanao, Philippines,

1st Place 2005

1st Place in categories of Animals & Nature 2006

Title: Velcro Like

An image which shows that there's more to animal photography than the standard shot.

1st Place 2005

1st Place in categories of Action & Movement 2006

There's something eerie but moving about this image that is alittle unsettling. Just what an action shot should be

1st Place 2005

1st Place in categories of The Art of Travel 2006


About Photo: The women were crossing the dune back home after the late market.

The Winning shot shows three women crossing a dune after a visiting a market in Binh Thuan province, Vietnam. It not only tells a great story, but also demonstrates great timing and composition

1st Place 2005

1st Place in categories of Black & White 2006

The image was taken at Palembang, Indonesia during Chinese New Year celebrations on January 29th. It shows a true understanding of how to capture atmosphere with light

1st Place 2005

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