Sunday, November 05, 2006

Flight till death and beyond

Are you remember Bruce Lee are you remember Arnold Schwarzenegger,Jackie Chan,
they are a joke Neo from Matrix its piece of nothing, you will realize alter you look at this video clip what's the real fight is, real the true fight, okay I know this is a Hollywood fight, but a absolutely incredible Hollywood fight,but you will be impressed like I was,

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rcg said...

OMG, he's like Steven Seagal, but with real fighting skills! Who is that? and what movie?


Anonymous said...

it is "the protector" starring tony jaa. great movie

Crash said...

Yes it is "the protector" one of my favorit movie

necromanc said...

AWESOME.You should watch Ong Bak if you like this kind o movies.

Crash said...

Ong Bak, i sow this movie, AWESOME to!