Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Most Crazy Handbag Design

Christian Dior,Gucci,Fendi,Burberry,Chloe, Marc Jacobs,Dolce & Gabbana, Giorgio Armani, all these famous firm will lose lots of money when people see this incredible designs :)

3.Floopy Handbag
This is the third place bag Enzo Rossi famous designer will be jealous on this design :), really amazing bag, I think now when USB disks are here we have good idea how to to recycling our old floppy disks.

2.Breast Handbag
If you want to be special in your city, if you're not computer geek, and doesn't how know use USB disks, don't want recycling Floopy disks, this Breast Bag are just for you, incredible design!

1.Keyboard Handbag
Keyboard Bag is out winner for crazy bag design , absolutely,amazing ,incredible design, I never be able to make or just think about something like this keyboard bag, I don't know really who design it, but he's definitely really good designer.

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