Saturday, December 23, 2006

Making Fun of Santa

How do we make fun of Santa Claus? Let me count the ways! Collection of The 10 Most Annoying Christmas Songs videos was a good, but its only the beginning. See, I have spent Christmas quite a few years now shopping for gifts, paying for gifts, wrapping gifts, hiding gifts, then getting up in the middle of the night Christmas Eve to leave gifts under the tree AND stuff stockings. But who gets the credit? Santa Claus! So you can’t blame me for having a little online fun at his expense.

1. Forget doodling, use the Evil Santa Generator!

2. Battlestar Galactica Holiday Greeting

3. Why Santa didn’t answer your letter

4. Letters from Bad Santa. This site paints the old man as an evil letcher. Isn’t this a lovely picture? You should read some of his letters!

5. How far can you throw Slingshot Santa

6. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. Its hard to believe anything could be more embarrassing to Santa Claus than appearing in this film. You can watch the movie in its entirety right there at your desk. If you want to.

7. Santa goes shopping

8. Jingle Smells. I saw that picture dozens of times last year. I thought, “Too juvenile. Not funny enough.” Then I saw Jingle Smells. When I heard the music, I could NOT stop laughing. Yes, still juvenile, but now its funny!

9. The Secret Life of Santa Claus. See what he does the rest of the year in this Worth 1000 contest.

10. The Do-It-Yourself Method.Folks like me who have no graphic skills at all can put words in Santa’s mouth with applications like Captioner or Say What.

Pfft! Its just as well, I'd have to buy it, pay for it, and wrap it anyway.

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