Friday, January 05, 2007

Incredible Watermelon Creations

I collect here the most incredible watermelons in all world, they all have amazing design, but the first three are incredible, they are really something special and people How made this watermelon are really good Artist!

Head Watermelon (This is definitely the ultimated Creation)

Penguin or OWL Watermelon (this creation is my favorite)

You can watch here competition "Who is the Best"

When I started to ask a questions about about Watermelon people direct me on this Tutorial How to make "The Swan" and some extras just for you guys i find on youtube video clip how one guy make the watermelon art.


The Swan

A graceful centerpiece for any special occasion ... easy enough to make for the family!


* Watermelon
* Sharp pointed utensil
* Sharp knife
* Large spoon

Carving Template:


1. Any Shape watermelon can work. Pick one that's right for your table.
2. Cut a thin slice from the bottom.
3. Draw the outlines for the swan as shown in the pattern image.
4. Use a sharp knife or decorating tool to cut along the lines of the pattern. Cut all the way through the rind when cutting the top portion that will be cut away.
5. Be careful to leave the beak attached to the feathers for stability.
6. Use a knife to hollow out an eye.
7. To remove the top section, first cut it into quarters.
8. Hollow the melon and trim the features so they are not too thick.
9. You can use a melon baller to remove the remaining melon.
10. Fill with approx. 1 cup of fruit salad, depending on the size of the melon. Serve remaining fruit salad in another bowl.

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Anonymous said...

This IS really amazing!

Anonymous said...

very nice !

Anonymous said...


Not only the most beautiful creations that I have ever seen but to think that these people have enough heart to do this kind of work and know that their art won't last that long because the fruit will spoil must be heartbreaking. They say that you eat your food with your eyes first and the fruit must be wonderful.
Thank you to all of the artists,

Anonymous said...

2nd One is a Emporer Penguin obviously.

Anonymous said...

Oh really? I saw the second one as an owl before I even read the caption.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Incredible Watermelon Creations - What an Idea man? Truely amazing. I enjoyed those pictures.

Anonymous said...

Oh!! really excellent and professional designs...thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

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