Wednesday, February 28, 2007

10 Coolest weapons we don't have

10. Phased-Plasma Rifle in the 40-Watt Range (The Terminator)

Even though we don't ever see this gun in action, the mere mention of it so blows the mind of Mr. Futterman the Gun Shop Owner that we just know we have to have one. And the fact that the Terminator walks out of the store with enough firepower to invade Cuba and still seems disappointed tells you all you need to know.

9. Noisy Cricket (Men in Black)

What's pocket-sized but still capable of destroying a city block? (Hint: It's not a drunk Verne Troyer). It's the MIB's surprising li'l Cricket. This isn't a gun to wave around when you want to scare someone, it's one to whip out when you mean business. And think about it—it's dainty, shiny, and fits easily into a handbag. It's the perfect gift for the futuristic warrior woman in your life.

8. ZF-1 Assault Weapon (The Fifth Element)

The Swiss Army Knife of assault rifles. The ZF has rockets, darts, tracer bullets, netting, a flame-thrower, freezing gas-anything and everything you need to destroy the universe. The only problem is, a crate of these bad boys will set you back four ancient, mystical stones each. We don't care if you're the Sultan of Dubai, that's some serious scratch.

7. Glaive (Krull)

A mystical weapon of unknown origin, the glaive might not be the most versatile weapon on the list—it is, essentially, an over-sized ninja throwing star—but it more than makes up for its shortcomings in style. Even if all you intend to do with it is chop blocks of cheese or scare your cat, you'll look cool doing it. And it'll end an "ultimate Frisbee" match in seconds.

6. Organic gun (eXistenz)

We're not interested in this bizarre weapon because we want to get around metal detectors or anything, we're just really into recycling. What better way to use all those old bones, bits of teeth and gums, and partially rotting flesh you have lying around your house than cobbling them together into a gun? Circle of life, friends. Circle of life.

5. Lightsabers (Star Wars)

"An elegant weapon, for a more civilized age." Whether your particular brand comes in badass red, noble hero blue, or Samuel L. Jedi purple, the lightsaber is such an intimidator, it can even make a two-foot Muppet seem tough. You don't even have to use it, just flick it on and its unmistakable hum clearly says: "Somebody's walking out of here without a limb."

4. Sick Stick (Minority Report)

Cops in the future have come so far. No longer armed with lame wooden sticks that are only good for tapping on driver's side windows, these new sticks make anyone you touch vomit instantly. Seriously—no tequila, no pictures of Britney Spears' vagina, just a single touch! It's fun, and it'll also double as a convenient time-saver for your bulimic girlfriend.

3. Death Blossom (The Last Starfighter)

OK, first we need spaceships, obviously, but, c'mon-if the future doesn't at least have spaceships, then we're not even going. And the one thing we want standard issue on all fighters is the ol' "D.B." With a press of a button, your ship goes into a ballistic epileptic fit that decimates anything in the immediate area. It's like a lawn sprinkler of mass destruction.

2. Iron Giants (The Iron Giant)

What could be better than a 50-foot robot armed with advanced alien weaponry? One that can also babysit the kids! One part nanny, one part War of the Worlds, the Iron Giant would be the ideal home defense choice for families. Kidnapping would practically be rendered nonexistent if we had these things to chaperone the kids at the park or take them to school.

1. The Death Star (Star Wars)

Talk about home defense. The only thing more efficient than owning a weapon to protect your house is actually living inside the weapon. The Death Star can entertain a small country's worth of houseguests, has plenty of parking space, a recycling plant on the premises, and enough firepower to destroy an entire planet. You might want to slap a screen door on some of those thermal exhaust ports, but otherwise you're living in the lap of destructive luxury.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Top Christian Tourist Traps

10. Golgotha Mini Golf - Cave City Kentucky

What better says family fun than an attraction that translates to “Hill of Skulls” in the original Aramaic? The first nine holes offers such old testament highjinks as the Garden of Eden and Moses parting the Red Sea while the back nine concentrate on the miracles of the new testament. Various angel statues dot the landscape while Christ himself stands watch at the 18th hole…talk about pressure to perform!

It’s evident that the owners were short of funds when creating the park since many of the scenes are recreated with whatever ornaments could easily be found. Small plastic statues of armadillos and poodles are lined up to enter a shoddily constructed ark and elves from the Wal-Mart garden department helpfully stand in for various religious icons. I never knew St. Peter wore lederhosen!

Alas, Jesus’s accession into heaven with a golf club has seen better days; when last I visited it shook my soul to see that the place has been closed for a few years and the religious fervor for putt putting on astroturf is slowly being consumed by crabgrass and kudzu. A realtor sign at the front gate confirms that, at least when it comes to golf, religion is for sale.

9. God’s Ark of Safety – Frostburg Maryland

In 1974 Richard Green kept having visions of a giant ark on the side of a hill. Night after night his sleep was troubled by visions of a gigantic boat filled with all of God’s creatures. Finally Richard decided this was the voice of God instructing him to build a full size replica of Noah’s ark. A few days later, with $300 to spend, Richard started construction on an ark that was 450 feet long, 75 feet wide, and 45 feet high. Work has been slow since it all depends on donations of manpower and materials but, as Richard says, “As God provides, we will build.”

32 years later, only the steel support structure is completed so far, but architectural drawings show how it will look when finished. Exciting touches include a theater that shows a film about the original vision to build the ark, a 4-story atrium complete with statues of cows and pigs, and a 2 story water cross in which unsaved souls can be baptized. At the current rate of progress the ark should be finished somewhere around the year 2085.

8. Cross Garden – Prattville Alabama

The Cross Garden isn’t pretty. It isn’t meant to be. It’s a warning about what awaits if you don’t find Jesus. Hundreds of home made crosses made from telephone poles, 2 by 4’s, and scraps of lumber, stand in the kudzu covered clay. Scrawled across all of them are warning labels of what lies in the afterlife. “Hell is hot, hot, hot” zigzags across one and “No ice water in hell” states another. The number 27 is painted mysteriously over and over again on the crosses, discarded washing machines, and mechanical debris that litter the site. This vista is a testament to a man with a feverous idea in his brain that he had to get out.

The creator of this foreboding landscape is W.C. Rice who spent over 20 years creating this masterpiece to the afterlife. He claimed to have been inspired from seeing a cross at his mother’s funeral and just kept on at it like “a bird building a nest.” W.C. passed on 2 years ago but his family says they have no plans to take the Cross Garden down. Indeed the place has become a local tourist attraction for outsider art enthusiasts and perhaps others who just need to be reminded of what is to come.

7. New Holy Land Tour – Eureka Springs Arkansas

Ever wish you could see what life was really like when Jesus walked the earth in leather flip flops? Well then look no further 'cause the fine folks in Arkansas have got an attraction for you! At the New Holy Land tour you can interact with the Big J and other classic good guys from the bible…or at least local teenagers being paid 7 bucks an hour to pretend to be them. Why travel to the real Mideast and dodge Hezbollah rockets and Israeli artillery strikes when you can stand around a man made pond in Arkansas and pretend it’s the real thing?

I think the place could really pack in the crowds if they would add a little more excitement to the place. Show an adulterer getting stoned to death by a crazed crowd. Have a Lot’s Wife salt water taffy stand. Get a zombie Lazarus running amok and trying to eat tourist brains. The possibilities are endless.

6. Super Sized Saviors – various locations

Nothing says USA like oversized icons and what better way to celebrate the Lord than by creating a huge statue of him. Like Godzilla stalking the citizens of Tokyo, these titanic Saviors gaze down upon the masses always ready to stomp a sinner down with an oversized foot.

One of my favorites has to be the “Drowning Jesus” in Monroe Ohio, a 62 foot statue of the Savior rising out of a lake with him arms outstretched. I hope someone is able to bring him some giant water wings pretty soon.

The “Christ of the Ozarks” in Eureka Springs Arkansas stands 70 feet tall and appears to have been caught in mid-exercise. Locals call him “Stumpy” because his feet were left off so the statue wouldn’t require a warning light for low flying aircraft. I’m guessing the creators didn’t think a blinking red light on the king of kings’ noggin was such a good idea.

Of course the champion of any duel between of the lofty Lords would have to be Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil whose 125 foot height puts him well above any of our local boys. However it’s well known that all foreign Jesus’ statues were created by heathens who will burn eternally in hellfire…so that statue doesn’t count.

5. Ave Maria Grotto – Cullman Alabama

Deep in the heart of Alabama lies a testament to one mans obsession with making tiny things. For over 40 years Benedictine monk Joseph Zoetti labored to reproduce in miniature the great religious sights from all over the world. Packed tightly together over a small area rests very small versions of St. Peters, St. Juan Capistrano, and even the city of Jerusalem. Zoetti made the creations in his spare time from shoveling coal at a power plant and used whatever he could get his hands on; stones, cement, and odd junk he found laying around the grounds.

While the results are beautiful, there are some rather odd design choices. Because the monk couldn’t visit any of the places he often only used a single photo to guide him on how a building should look. The result is that the size of a single structure varies widely from wall to wall and unknown sides of building would be given windows and doors as the monk saw fit. You’d do well not to mention any of this to the current monks who live there since they tend to get a little miffed at tourists talking trash about their “miraculous miniatures.”

4. Precious Moments Chapel – Carthage Missouri

This is definitely the creepiest place on the list. Built by Sam Butcher, the man who created those big-eyed figurines, the chapel stands proudly in Middle America as a tremendous icon of bad taste. Inside the large chapel is room after room of dead baby angel paintings with those huge eyes all staring down at you. These droopy-eyed monsters all share the same demented look of joy and it was all I could do to keep from screaming out in fear. One painting after another shows these sad eyed waifs cavorting in Heaven until you get the sense that the afterlife is only for kids who die before puberty. In fact the only adult you see in the place is Jesus and even he looks creeped out by all these big-eyed kids looking up at him.

Outside the joint is a large fountain filled with even more Big Eye kid statues that shoots huge geysers of water every few hours. It’s like being in Vegas at the Bellagio but instead of being surrounded by call girls and 2nd rate singers, you’re surrounded by tourists who think this would be the perfect time for the rapture to occur.

3. Holy Land USA – Waterbury Connecticut

Another landmark created by a man with a vision of the divine. Holy Land sits on a hill overlooking Waterbury like a crumbling version of heaven. A large neon cross still lights up the night sky, casting a soulful glow down onto the town. Built in the late 50’s by John Greco, this conglomeration of the highpoints in biblical history used to be a huge tourist draw in the 60's but fell upon hard times after the death of it’s owner in 1986. Greco willed the entire thing to a group of mysterious nuns who have refused almost all offers of help in maintaining the attraction. As a result the entire thing has been falling apart for 20 years, assaulted by the ravages of time and vandals.

But the property still holds a mysterious power to those who visit. The crumbling vistas of Bethlehem and the barren Garden of Eden are like the results of some epic power struggle between good and evil. Strange catacombs dug into the earth to give “the history of the church” now lend themselves to visions of ogres and molemen, eager to snatch up unwitting tourists. As time marches over the grounds of this strange attraction it only manages to enhance the weirdness.

2. Institute For Creation and Research – Santee California

There’s a lot of Christian museums out there that show how evolution is just hogwash but most of them come off as laughable because of limitations of budget and a devotion to the Lords “true word” that borders on obsession. The ICR is one of the few that has overcome that problem with its professional, well-designed experience. It’s only when you start looking more closely at the stuff they are presenting that you suddenly realize you’re in the midst of people who don’t go for all that “science mumbo-jumbo.”

Exhibits at the beginning show how both the Universe and the Earth were created at the same time. Another exhibit shows how the power of Universal Disorder is kept in check by the guiding hand of a higher power. Further on a helpful display shows how the theory of evolution being taught brought Hitler and the Nazi’s into power. Just beyond is a visual representation of the “tree of evolution” with such evil fruit as genocide, bestiality, murder, and the use of drugs all ready for the picking by us scoffers of intelligent design. Oh that nasty, evil, mean ole’ theory of evolution!

1. Holyland Experience – Orlando Florida

Topping the list at number one is the country’s only Christian theme park located just minutes away from that evil secular mouse. At Orlando’s Holyland Experience you can chomp down on a “Goliath” burger while you watch Jesus Christ get whipped by Roman guards and then nailed to a cross. This has to be the only place in the world that bills a public execution as “family fun.”

After leaving your child emotionally scarred for life, why not commemorate the experience with some souvenirs? The Roman shield and sword lets junior pretend to be a member of the ruthless ruling elite over any of his Jew friends while Bearnardo the Scribal Bear helps little Sally explore what life was like in the dark ages. Hey Sally, time to send your brothers off to kill the infidel Muslims!

Yes, the Holyland Experience is the perfect blend of tourism with Christianity. A celebration of the good old days when a man was the Son of God and a woman could get stoned to death for wearing too much jewelry. Don’t forget to bring the kids!

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Earth-Shattering Nude Scenes

10. Diora Baird in Wedding Crashers

It was kind of a "blink and you missed it" moment, but we're betting there were a lot of dry eyes in the house when Diora flopped down topless on a bed during the "wedding sluts" montage. You remember her, she was the one with assets big enough to satisfy as many Wilson brothers as the movie was willing to throw at her.

9. Ali Larter in Varsity Blues

While not technically nude, Ali and her strategically-placed whipped cream instantly became the stuff of legend and dessert-based fetishes. Of course, leave it to Dawson's Creek to fumble the play—dude, you'll never get such a golden opportunity to offer a girl a banana for her split again. Way to go, forehead.

8. Heather Graham in Boogie Nights

Reason #4,562 why hanging out with Burt Reynolds rules: With the wave of a finger, he can make Heather Graham slip out of everything but her rollerskates and mount you on a fine Corinthian leather sofa. That's class! And Heather's anything but shy about showing the goods, which is why we love her.

7. Kathy Bates in About Schmidt

Kathy Bates and Jack Nicholson buck naked in a Jacuzzi. Now, if this were 1968…actually, it'd still be pretty gross. Yes, we're kidding. Consider this a palate-cleanser before we move on to #6. We didn't want you getting all hot and bothered at work. All set? Good. Let's move on…

6. Reese Witherspoon in Twilight

OK, this isn't exactly a comedic romp and, honestly, the only thing notable about this movie is Reese's topless scene. And the only thing notable about Reese's topless scene is that, well, this is it, fellas. She's a Serious Actress™ now, so she won't be flaunting the sweater puppies ever again. Grab the opportunity while you can.

5. Denise Richards in Wild Things

Neve Campbell can keep her no-nudity clause, because even she couldn't dampen our appreciation of Wild Things' champagne-drenched threesome. Richards had no problem getting down and dirty, which is why we're still talking about her today. Campbell? Not so much. And before you say Wild Things isn't a comedy, we defy you to watch it without laughing.

4. Rebecca de Mornay in Risky Business

She was way too much woman for a high school kid to handle—especially a high school-aged Tom Cruise—but her full-frontal nude scene made a man out of every guy who was of appropriate age in 1983, and you know who you are. Not to mention Rebecca also made prostitution cool long before Julia Roberts.

3. The Pi Delta Pi Girls in Revenge of the Nerds

Yes, every last one of you. When the nerds get the brilliant idea to hook up surveillance cameras in the Pi sorority house, we're treated to a parade of naked, perky extras. This one went for quality and quantity, and scored on both counts. And let's just say Takashi wasn't the only one who learned what "hair pie" meant.

2. Phoebe Cates in Fast Times at Ridgemont High

The standard against which teen movie nudity is measured. It may not be the most graphic or revealing, but it had all the key elements: A hot young actress you've been dying to see topless (erm, Phoebe), a completely gratuitous set-up (Judge Reinhold's masturbatory day dream), and a hilarious pay-off (she walks in on him mid-jerk). It's bulletproof, and it's a classic.

1. Shannon Elizabeth in American Pie

A question for the ladies: If you find yourself in a teenage boy's bedroom and he happens to leave the room for a second, do you immediately take off all your clothes and admire yourself in his mirror? No? Exactly. That's why Nadia changed the way we look at movie nude scenes. And that's why you aren't Shannon Elizabeth. Well, that and probably some other things, too.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

10 Most Dangerous Destinations

No 1. Somalia

iJet: 5
Control Risks: Extreme security and travel risk

The U.S. doesn't have an embassy in Somalia, putting American citizens who travel there out of reach of U.S. assistance. Somalia's federal government recently retook control of much of the country from the Union of Islamic Courts, but this could mean less stability ahead, not more. Interclan fighting and attacks on foreigners are frequent, as are abductions.

No 2. Iraq

iJet: 5
Control Risks: Extreme security, terrorism and travel risk

No region of Iraq is safe for visitors, not even Baghdad’s well-fortified Green Zone. The U.S.-led occupation has not tamed the insurgency, which is most concentrated in the central region that stretches from Tikrit in the north to Hillah in the south. Various criminal gangs and international terrorists are also active in Iraq and civilians die daily in attacks.

No 3. Afghanistan

iJet: 5
Control Risks: Extreme security, terrorism and travel risk

Travelers face the ongoing threat of kidnapping and assassination in Afghanistan, especially outside of Kabul. Former Taliban and al-Qaida operatives remain at large, and attacks with improvised explosive devices are on the rise. Large areas of the country are heavily land-mined or strewn with unexploded ordnance.

No 4. Democratic Republic of Congo

iJet: 5
Control Risks: High security and travel risk; extreme security and travel risk in northeast

The civil war has ended and the country held presidential elections last year, but dangers persist. Crime levels are high in the main cities, and strife continues in certain regions, especially the northeastern Ituri district and the provinces of North and South Kivu. U.N. observer forces, located around the country, are unable to prevent pillaging, carjackings, murders, rapes and kidnappings.

No 5. Côte d’Ivoire

iJet: 5
Control Risks: High security and travel risk; extreme security and travel risk in rebel-held north and near western border

Though a 2002 uprising supposedly ended in 2003, the north of the country remains under the control of armed rebels, and sporadic fighting has taken place in Abidjan, the commercial capital. The overall security situation remains potentially volatile, according to the State Department. Control Risks says that the rebellion exacerbated a rise in violent crime, including carjackings and armed robbery.

No 6. Pakistan

iJet: 4
Control Risks: High security and terrorism risk; extreme security and travel risk in tribal areas bordering Afghanistan

Domestic Islamic extremist groups, most of which are tied to al-Qaida, pose a serious risk to foreign companies and their workers. Car bombs, gun and grenade attacks and suicide bombings are aimed at Western targets, domestic politicians and local religious minorities and have frequently killed civilians. The capital, Islamabad, and tribal areas bordering Afghanistan are particularly dangerous.

No 7. Burundi

iJet: 4
Control Risks: High security and travel risk; extreme security and travel risk in provinces of Cibitoke, Bubanza and Bujumbura Rural

Because of poor security, few foreign workers remain in Burundi. A civil war that began in 1993 is ongoing, with rebel factions engaging in intense fighting with government forces. The parties agreed to a September 2006 ceasefire, but many of its provisions have not been implemented, and the rebels remain able to attack the capital, Bujumbura.

No 8. Sri Lanka

iJet: 4
Control Risks: Extreme security and travel risk and a high terrorism risk in Tamil-majority north and east; medium security, terrorism and travel risk in remainder of country

Lush tropical beauty once made Sri Lanka a popular holiday destination, but a ceasefire between the government and the separatist Tamil Tigers broke down last year, making the country a new addition to our danger list. While foreigners are not directly targeted, the risk of becoming collateral damage is rising in the north and northeast.

No 9. Haiti

iJet: 5
Control Risks: High security and travel risk

There is no effective police force in Haiti, where the State Department calls the danger of kidnappings “chronic and growing.” General elections in February 2006 brought about some political stability, aided by the presence of 8,000 U.N. peacekeeping troops. But violence persists, says Control Risks, thanks in part to the proliferation of firearms, an inefficient judiciary and police corruption.

No 10. Lebanon

iJet: 5
Control Risks: High risk in at least one category and region

Hostilities with Israel ended last August, but political tensions within Lebanon have been on the rise. The armed Shiite group Hezbollah (also a political party in Lebanon) maintains a strong presence in many areas, and other extremist groups are active in Tripoli, Sidon and Palestinian refugee camps. In the south, the danger of encountering land mines and unexploded ordnance is significant.

By Elisabeth Eaves

Monday, February 05, 2007

Top 10 Most Powerful Women

#1 Condoleezza Rice
Secretary of state

She is the first African-American woman to become the U.S. secretary of state. She advises the leader of the world's largest superpower and has an unparalleled level of trust with and access to the president. And she has served two other U.S. presidents, George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan. For all of these reasons, and more, Rice, 50, is the most powerful woman in the world.
After a four-year role as national security adviser, Rice assumed the mantle of secretary of state in January. Rice has played a key, behind-the-scenes role in all of President George W. Bush's major decisions. "During the last four years, I've relied on her counsel, benefited from her great experience and appreciated her sound and steady judgment," the president said when announcing Rice's promotion. Bush needs her now more than ever, as his approval ratings and credibility sag, his domestic agenda is stalled, and the country grows more bitterly divided over the war in Iraq.

With her steely nerve and delicate manners (she has been called the "Warrior Princess"), Rice lately has reinvigorated her position with diplomatic activism, whether it's promoting Israel's withdrawal from the Gaza Strip to ease the Palestinian conflict, or encouraging six-party talks to get North Korea to stop its pursuit of nuclear weapons, or trying to stop Sudan's genocide—to the point where her diplomatic party was recently roughed up by Sudan's strongmen. Rice also has close relationships with world leaders, having accompanied the president on numerous trips to Europe and Iraq. Rice has visited 31 countries and logged in over 119,000 miles by midyear. An unofficial Web site proclaims, "Condoleezza Rice for President 2008," which might be a long-shot idea. But a run by Rice for the presidency would make history in the U.S.
—Tatiana Serafin

#2 Wu Yi
Vice Premier, minister of health

Having risen up the ranks of China's Communist Party leadership since 1962, Wu Yi, 66, became a member of the Central Committee in 2002, adding the post of minister of health in 2003. Wu Yi has been busy this year as she helps China battle disgruntled textile manufacturers, due to the lifting of World Trade Organization quotas. In a bold June speech in Hong Kong, Wu Yi called for an end to politicizing economic issues. One key move by her country should help here. Bowing to international pressure, in July China revalued the yuan by a modest 2.1%, scrapping the yuan's ten-year-old peg to the U.S. dollar and replacing it with a tightly managed float against a basket of unspecified foreign currencies, in which the dollar will likely occupy a prominent place.

#3 Yulia Tymoshenko
Former prime minister

Tymoshenko, 44, was one of the leaders of Ukraine's Orange Revolution last fall that toppled a stagnant, corrupt regime. For her support, the country's new president, Victor Yushchenko, appointed her prime minister, a post she is using forcefully to shake up Ukrainian oligarchs. Her bold moves to re-privatize industrial assets, allegedly bought on the cheap by billionaires like Rinat Akhmetov and Victor Pinchuk, have met with criticism both inside and outside Ukraine. The discontent has finally caught up with her. Tymoshenko was sacked by Yuschenko in September. But don't count her out quite yet. Tymoshenko is used to controversy, having fallen out with the sitting government in 2001, leading to her arrest and later dismissal. She will be back in parliamentary elections scheduled for March 2006.

#4 Gloria Arroyo

Arroyo, 58, is now fighting to hold on to her job as the opposition party seeks to file impeachment charges against her over a series of scandals, and her attempts to fix Manila's weak finances are falling apart, causing frustrated technocrats to bolt from her government. After donning the mantle of president in 2001, Arroyo tried to work diligently on her governing platform, which includes the eradication of poverty, which helped her win re-election in 2004. Nevertheless, despite a growing economy (in 2004, the Philippines economy grew an estimated 6.1%, up from 4.7% in 2003), Arroyo's stewardship has been burdened by a Muslim insurgency and the Philippines' designation as the second most corrupt country in Asia, according to a survey of businessmen conducted by the Hong Kong-based Political and Economic Risk Consultancy. Arroyo, a former classmate of Bill Clinton's at Georgetown University and a onetime economics professor, is currently under investigation by lawmakers into allegations she cheated to win last year's election; to date Arroyo has declined to testify before her government's Congress.

#5 Margaret (Meg) Whitman
Chief executive, eBay

As ruler of the world's biggest online auction site, Whitman, 49, has successfully beaten back stiff competition from and Yahoo!. To do that, she has swiftly fixed any problems, has faithfully tried to weed out the fakes on her site and has posted a consistent flow of profits, making eBay the world's most valuable Internet brand. All this is to be expected. Whitman has an impressive, blue-chip résumé, with executive stints at Hasbro, the Walt Disney Co. and Bain & Co., among others. Whitman also serves on the boards of eBay as well as DreamWorks Animation, Procter & Gamble and the Gap. Despite her stock's volatility, her personal holdings are valued at $1.6 billion, making Whitman one of the richest people on the planet.
—Anne Mintz

#6 Anne Mulcahy
Chief executive officer, Xerox

Having pulled Xerox out of a near-fatal slump in 2002, Mulcahy, 52, is now looking to get her company back to the top of the tech world. Her ideas: color printing and lucrative consulting services. It's a tough space to exist in, with competitors like HP, Kodak and Dell battling for pieces of the printing, copying and services businesses. To highlight how Xerox has changed, Mulcahy, who took over the top job in 2001, has yanked the company's tagline, "The Document Company," in favor of going solo with the Xerox name. A Xerox veteran, she started as a lowly field-sales rep 30 years ago. Working at Xerox is all in the family for Mulcahy. Her husband is a retired Xerox exec, and her older brother now runs the global services group. One of the few elite women to run a top public company, Mulcahy is a coveted choice on corporate boards, serving on the boards of Citigroup and Target.
—Chana R. Schoenberger

#7 Sallie Krawcheck
Chief financial officer, Citigroup

This former equity analyst, dubbed "Mrs. Clean" thanks to her frank demeanor and focus on ethics, has risen at a blistering speed to the top ranks on Wall Street. After two years heading Smith Barney, the business unit containing Citigroup's previously ailing equity research and global private-client groups, Krawcheck, 40, was tapped to be the finance chief of Citigroup. She is viewed as one of the company's next generation of leaders and is undoubtedly one of the most influential women on Wall Street. Her power may increase as upheaval in the top ranks roils her company, notably, the imminent departure of Citigroup President Robert Willumstad. But Krawcheck has been regarded as a stabilizing force. So far, the former Sanford C. Bernstein chief executive has received good grades for restoring the reputation of a division tarnished by charges of "spinning" initial public offerings and biased stock recommendations.
—Victoria Murphy

#8 Brenda Barnes
Chief executive officer, Sara Lee

Barnes, 51, became chief executive earlier this year after Sara Lee announced a major restructuring that included the planned sale of product lines totaling $8.2 billion in revenue. At the same time, Barnes is tackling corporate inefficiencies by encouraging shared purchasing between divisions and less bureaucracy. Barnes raised eyebrows when she left PepsiCo in 1998 to spend more time with her family. Ever since Barnes got back on the "on-ramp" into the corporate world, she has been the most oft-cited example in the business press of a woman who ditched her corporate career to spend time with her family, only to regain corporate power.

#9 Oprah Winfrey
Chairman, Harpo

With a net worth of more than $1 billion, an Academy Award nomination, a hit television show, a successful magazine (O, The Oprah Magazine) and a cable channel (Oxygen Media), there seems to be little else that Winfrey, 51, can do to add to her status as an international media phenomenon. According to her spokesperson, The Oprah Winfrey Show, launched in 1986, is aired in 112 countries, which includes the United States. Winfrey is also a vocal advocate for the education and well-being of women and children around the world, giving to those in need via Oprah's Angel Network and her personal charity, the Oprah Winfrey Foundation.
—Suzanne Hoppough

#10 Melinda Gates
Co-founder, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The numbers are both staggering and disturbing. Millions of children die every year of diseases that are preventable. Just half of all African-American and Hispanic students graduate from high school. Thousands of homeless people sleep on the streets every night. These are the statistics that have so distressed Melinda Gates, 41, and her husband, billionaire and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, that the two started an endowment, now at $28.8 billion, to fight for better health care and education for the poor around the world, as well as for at-risk families in Washington State and Oregon. Gates is also on the boards of The Washington Post Co. and