Thursday, February 01, 2007

Bizarre Party

What is the Bizarre Party (Nuit Dèmonia)?
It is the largest fetish event in France! The event takes place at LA LOCO, where you will be able to cruise all three levels of this famous disco, to enjoy dinner in a full-fledged restaurant, to admire the various exhibitions, to gather with friends for a drink in any of the four bars inside the premises, to dance on the huge dance floor, and to be entertained with the different Fe.ti.s.h and B.D..SM shows on the center stage (from 10pm to midnight). The Nuit Dèmonia is now competing with the greatest fetish events around the world. Don’t miss it…

Who can participate to the Nuit Dèmonia?
To gain admittance to the Nuit Dèmonia, one must be over 18 years of age and wear a fe.tish outfit.

Why is there a restaurant?
Because the event starts at 8pm and lasts until 5.30am. We recommend that you come as early as possible and therefore it is essential that you can share dinner with your Fetish friends on the spot. A set menu and various ‘à la carte’ entrees will be offered, covering a wide range of prices and culinary specialties, throughout the night.
Don’t forget to reserve a table well in advance, with the team of the shop.
You will be able to start your evening by meeting new friends at the restaurant (where you can have a drink only if you are not hungry) before attending the shows that will follow one another on the stage between 10pm and midnight.

How safe will it be?
Nothing to be feared: a discreet but very efficient security service will protect your privacy and will make sure that you enjoy the night fully, in a serene atmosphere.

Can I dance at the Nuit Dèmonia?
Yes, between midnight and 5am, six DJ' S, all well-known for their Fetish attitude and choice of music, will give their best to entertain you:

What does ‘fetish outfit’ mean precisely?
Even if we are not as strict as our English counterparts in this matter, we still require a specific ‘dress-code’ for the patrons. It is required to wear leather, vinyl or latex, to wear a uniform (such as pilot, maidservant, soldier, doctor, police officer, nurse…) or to be a transvestite. The bare minimum is defined as pants/skirt out of leather, vinyl or latex. The black cloth outfits will not be accepted but red latex is welcome. It is not so much a matter of color as of material. Obviously the more exotic the better! The Nuit Dèmonia is a unique event: don’t be shy and show off your most beautiful fetish attire. That’s what this party is for!

Who manages the Nuit Dèmonia?
The Nuit Dèmonia is primarily organized by the Démonia group, in partnership with the organizers of the Elastic Ball (the greatest fetish event in Paris) and those of Fetish Assembly (the greatest fetish event in Belgium), but many other people join the organization gradually.