Saturday, March 03, 2007

Digs for noseberries(Celebrities)

Sting polices his proboscis while perambulating in London, 2006.

Picky Michael Keaton does the polite pinky pull-pick in Santa Monica

Dwight Yoakam pokes 'em with a thumb-sweeping roundup in a Beverly Hills paper store... that apparently doesn't sell tissues

Lindsay dips in before taking a dip in Malibu, 2006.

Wilmer Valderrama picked orgasmically at an L.A. cafe in 2004.

Pam Anderson goes in deep while watching a baseball game in Malibu, 2006.

George Clooney does the scratch n' pick while strolling in Santa Monica, 2002.

Model Kelly Brook sticks a manicured finger in, while on a coffee break in L.A. in 2005.

Jake Gyllenhaal attemps to haul one out while on a call. Los Angeles, 2005.

Calista Flockhart squishes her beak while pecking around Santa Monica. 2005.

Penelope Cruz cruises for a cuzzy at a movie premiere. Cannes, 2004.

Marcia Cross goes undercover and plunks in a pinky in private. She thought. L.A., 2006.

Kate Hudson picks through the aisles of a sweater shop in Santa Monica, 2006.

Matthew McConaughey thumbs his way along Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, 2006.

Nicky gets picky (and flips the bird) while picking up some stuff at a drugstore in Beverly Hills, proving that money can't buy class. 2003.

Ethan Hawke does the thumb-pinch eyebrow-raising pull, while strolling with a mystery blonde and his son. 2004.

Halle Berry digs for noseberries. L.A., 2004.

British comic Steve Coogan charges in for a boogie. L.A., 2006

Geoffrey Rush with a pinching thrust. West Hollywood, 2001.

Mischa Barton at Johnny Rocket's, plunges a pinky at a bugger while out for a burger. West Hollywood, 2004.


Anonymous said...

this is just bullshit. who gives a fuck. everybody does it. so whats so special about it when famous ppl do it.... some ppl can really overreact about a famous ppl's life.

Anonymous said...

shit its funny as hell i dont care if they are celebs or not some one caught picking there nose is great

Cynthia Cassell said...

Thank you!

That's hilarious!

Anonymous said...

These days it's not boogers, but nose hairs that make me pick. I found a real trophy the other day 2" long and silver!

Anonymous said...

you're all just poor bastards with to few braincells ;?)

Anonymous said...

The one of Jake Gyllenhaal doesn't look like he was picking his nose, it looks like he was going to cover his other ear because of noise. The others are great though ^-^

Anonymous said...

To those who don't get it: The point is that most people are self-conscious about nose-picking and are embarrassed when caught out. Sure, everyone does it, but most try to be discreet. When a celebrity gets caught doing it in public view, it offers a welcome opportunity to hold them up to ridicule and knock them off their pedestal, showing that they are only human after all. Clear?