Monday, March 12, 2007

Unusual Sonny Cd Player

Do you like Terminator movies? If your answer is yes, you should definitive get you self this incredible unusual CD player, but what if you don't like Terminator movies? Don't be scared Arni is not intend to terminate you, he is worry about for some other thing, like how to be a Leader.

When you look into picture above, you probably would thought , wtf it's one more bad Terminator movie, (Btw when I was a Kid, one of my favorites movies was Terminator of course)

But you will make mistake if you thin like I supposed you will, this is one of the many unusual Cd player on this Planet called Earth. This is not Cd-player made by Sonny. You wonder why I write "Sonny" in the title of this post. Let that be a mystery.

Ok when you open the Head, if your IQ it's bigger then IQ of the fish, you will realize what that odd thing is.

BTW I find these two pictures on the internet, so if anyone know original author, please let me know.


Anonymous said...

ok, if anone find your brain on side of the road, he or her should let you know?

Anonymous said...

So where do you BUY THEM?