Sunday, October 15, 2006

10 Most Creative Ads Ever

Everyday on TV, internet, and almost everywhere in the world, we see advertisements. However the problem with most of these advertisements is that there are so many of them that seem so similar, that they just become a blur to you. You never notice them. However every once in a couple dozen ads, one comes along that really catches everyone’s eyes. I have compiled a list of the 10 most creative advertisements that I come across in recent time.These 10 ads are some of the most creative in the world!

1. The Best Honda Commercial Ever No.1

I never see sonething like this commercial, really Amazed!

2. PlayBoy Germany - Guys Peay for Rain

Playboy billboard promoting its online services in Germany - self explanatory.

3. Push india child Grey

What a brilliant usage of the medium ! Grey,the agency behind this stunning Guerilla in India is ready to reap metals. The effort for Childcare, India aims to help more than 20 Million Indian Children who beg on the streets each day.I can say that is a fun and creative ad.

4. Changing candy

The sweetest thing right there, waiting for you to take a bite!

5. The Best Honda Commercial Ever No.2

All the sound effects were made by a human chorus in this UK Honda Civic commercial. Words can not do this clip justice, take a look.

6. The Big Ad

A really creative, funny and original beer commercial for Carlton Draught. Its one of those commercials that leaves behind an impression after seeing it. Thumbs up for the idea. 1 videoclip after the jump.

7. 3M Security Glass Advertisement

What better way to test your Security Glass than by creating a display loaded with cash and telling people to kick. That’s exactly what 3M did.

A security guard was present to make sure no one broke the rules and that people couldn’t get to keep the money if they broke it.

8. The Evolution of Audio

“The Evolution of Audio” showcases music devices such as the grammophone to LG’s latest mobile handset

9. Smart Advertising

An advertisement for a job recruiting company in Berlin, Germany. Depicting people working in the vending machines, ATMs, it delivers the message that 'Life is too short for the wrong job'.

10. Heineken's 3D Billboard

The 3D billboard advertising challenge is alive and well as we have seen here on our ad pages. The traditional large format 2D billboard simply doesn't cut it anymore, as consumers are beginning to expect more from advertisers in the way of 3 dimensional creative concepts. This campaign from Heineken is yet another example of how a little idea can have a huge impact when it's presented on billboard.

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PriteshsBlogs said...

I really liked your blog i feel it is really cool i had the same idea. you could do even better by including other ads with just a write ups.hope you keep expanding.

Snowy said...

I love the Honda Ad but one thing spoils it for me. How do you get wheels to go UP a ramp. CGI trickery me thinks.

Maia said...

the wheels going up the ramp were done by putting weights inside the wheels, using parts from the car too. they're set so that the weight moves them up the ramp by displacement, go to and type in honda or something and it'll give you a full explanation.