Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Celebrities’ House

Do you like the celebrities from hollywood? I am sure that you always want to know more information about them. Here is a collection of Hollywood Celebrities houses and you can know where are they staying now.

Eminem House do you want to buy??

Eddie Murphy House... Just Castle?

George Clooney House, Common House, Clooney is simple man!

Enrique Iglesias, No comment

Sylvester Stallone House , little, simple hous!

Denzel Wasington, Diznilend

Demi Moore - Ashton Kutcher
I Wondering wer they ar playing Tennis

Cindy Crawford, I like this women!

House of Drew Barrymore, I see not a thing, is it Fake

Catherine Zeta-Jones House, just 4, bed, bed

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