Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Funny Ku Klux (New Fashion)

After all this years Ku Klux boys are decide to change little bit their outfit in some kind stylish style , new style in 21th century, Who knows, maybe they will change slogan to
from "White Power" to "Gay is OK" . I certainly don't know what they up to , but I kind I like their New fashion style.

Made by Armani, just look into...colors, all that tasteful fruit :)

Made By Boss

This is old school boss look, if you are member of KKK feel free to
buy this wonderful.... whatever it is. Hate I mean

Armani again, obviously armani intend to become
a leader in this New style KKK adore.

Unowned If you know who is make this hate, please contact us.

All this I write here in this post related with Armani and Boss are lie.

Please don't sue us!


Anonymous said...

Sadly, not even funny!
Maybe you should delete this one?