Friday, September 15, 2006

Funny Video

Awesome Planet In Photoshop
This video is just following a planet creation
tutorial step by step. This exact was first created
by Greg Martin.

10 most annoying Christmas songs
Christmas....HM..time of some of the most
annoying music on the planet being hammered
into your skull 24-7

Man-test Balls Of Steel
A woman flirts intensively with a test person,
in order to test its reaction to their Handicap posed.

Pepsi Cola VS Coca Cola
Coca-Cola and Pepsi Cola bigger empires in the soda
world, but one is the best, Which one? I don't know.

Two incredible guys
I just can't believe that someone can be so stupid,
so without brain like these two dudes

Flight till death and beyond
Neo from Matrix its piece of nothing, you will
realize alter you look at this video clip what's the
real fight is, real the true fight

Robotic self healing Chair
When I first time saw this clip below I was impressed,
because I didn't know much about robotic technology.

Perfect for imperfect
Politics aside, the concept behind this
commercial is amazing

Drunk College kids scare people
This is some mean but funny college guys,
basically they scare the shit of random people on the street

Awesome Heaven can wait
This infomercial is beautifully made and delivers a very
strong message to everyone riding a car

Amazed pranks
This is a big compilation of really brilliant pranks,
and also a general encouragement for all of you to get inspired

1000 ways to open a beer
Some bored German kids have found 1000 ways
to open a bottle of bear

Russian Mortal Combat
Extrasensory unique fight in Mortal Combat stile,
really funny unique fight in Mortal Combat stile

Funny Crazy Dance Yoda and...
Yoda from Star Wars, in rap style, excellent creation
which really worth to watch it and you will make a good smile

Really Most Crazy Guy
I have thought that is something like this impossible,
but this guy is crazy.

About Girls
You enjoy relax sitting near by your lovely and
watching TV and suddenly…

Robo Fight
If you Like robots This is Story for you

German Werther Girl
A very nice German master of ceremonies will
show us how the weather looks like in Germany
or she will make well funny us

Funny Face+Crazy Men
You must look this video clip, he is extreme funny,
one of the best I look, he is reminding me on myself!

Funny dance
Every time I mad or something I always look this
men and his dance, and I every time must laughter

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