Friday, September 15, 2006

Funny Pictures

Snake Skin Car (Cool body job)
BMW,Audi no no, here is the car
that painted like snake skin. I do like it.
Will you drive this car?

Japanese Bunny
Sweet bunny,seems he is scared.
He speaks Japenese…?

Incredible Watermelon Creations
I collect here the most incredible watermelons
in all world, they all have amazing design.

Top 5 Coolest Webcams
List of the most strangest web cams that
I come across in recent time.

Crazy Animals (Photoshop)
We all know what photoshop can do, amazing stuff

Celebrities As Kids
In the beginning they were kids so let’s look
what kind of kids they were

10 Most Ugliest Girls
On my opinion all these ugly girls really
need beauty operation

Comic Ballons in Costumes
6 most popular and amazing balloons on the planet
made by the real professionals

Extreme Makeover
When I first saw all this remarkable pictures ,
I couldn't believe that kind of stuff are possible

Man with 100 crazy faces
Interesting, very creative, it seems to every
picture has story for itself, because that all
concept are very interesting.

Amazing mailbox design
Collections of the most crazy mailbox design
on the planet.

Unbeliveable sneakers designs
Are you ever see such crazy and incredible
sneakers designs in your life, I definitely not.

From past to the Future "Google"
Screenshots from Google made by me since 1998 till 2084
Particular is interesting screenshot by 2084!

Absolute Crazy innovations
German guys made all this Crazy innovations
maybe for Life Insurance who knows

Mix Funny Pictures
Do you like animals in funny poses and situations,
I certainly do

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